I decided to renovate the two and 1/2 wet rooms Bolton bathrooms in my house because they needed some changes made to them. I didn’t like the tiles on the bathroom floor, so I changed all three floors to a tan color. I then decided to match the cabinets to the floor color. I also decided to replace all three toilets and all three sinks in the respective bathrooms because they all looked old and would probably break shortly. One of the bathrooms was having problems with plumbing issues, so the plumber was able to fix the plumbing issues during the renovation. I wanted to make sure the bathrooms in the house looked a lot different than their original look, and I was able to accomplish that with this renovation through all those changes.


At the office party for Francine last weekend, we all nearly died from hysterical laughter when we discovered what Francine had received as one of her party presents! Everything was going well and as expected, until of course Bobby had to do his usual practical joking.

Francine was at the party table and had already opened everyone else’s gift when it came time to unwrap Bobby’s beautifully gold foil wrapped present. As soon as the top was lifted off of the box, we all knew from the look in Francine’s eyes that something was unusual.

She placed her hand inside of the box to withdraw none other than a thick package of NCR invoice pads! Yes, Bobby went so far as to getting a package of them! We all began to laugh as soon as Francine smiled her famous glee filled toothy grin. She understood the joke and wore each one.


My first experience with acupuncture Manchester and its power occurred at a Japanese restaurant. I had no clue what to order so I decided to have the same dish everybody else was going to have. When the dish arrived my jaw dropped and I lost my appetite.

On a large plate was a still living fish with thin needles all over its body. In order to pack living fish in the most cost-effective manor and stack them needles can be used if placed in the correct manner. However, I am all for food being fresh but still living and staring at me is an entirely different topic of conversation. The guests around me began slicing into the fish and having it as sashimi while I looked for a large butcher’s knife to put the poor creature out of its misery. I couldn’t find anything so I tried to strangle the fish but was held down as I heard “OMAE BAKA KA! OMAE BAKA KA!”

Since that day I’ve decided not to let anyone stick needles in me.